Review of the Espionner Smartphone Android Phone

The Espionner Smartphone from Spain is a smart phone, but it is a smartphone that also provide access to the internet on its virtual QWERTY keyboard. This phone is a great conversational tool as well as an organizer for anyone that has a need for keeping their contact list, calendar and tasks all in one place. I had the opportunity to check out Espionner on my recent trip to Madrid, Spain. I took advantage of a free 30-day trial, so I had a chance to see first hand exactly what this new smartphone has to offer.

One of my first experiences with Espionner was when I went to eat supper with my husband, me and my brother, and we wanted to use the laptop to take care of some business matters, but we had no access to the internet through our smartphones. So we pulled out our smartphones, placed the orders on the computer and bough them up. We were connected to the web for a few hours, but that was about as far as we got. By the time we got home, our food had been delivered to us, and we were hungry again. We commented on how great it was that we purchased a Espionner smartphone and that they even provided us with a USB stick with the same software, which enabled us to connect our smartphones to the net directly.

I am a frequent user of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and Espionner’s smartphone Android app provided me with a fast and efficient way to stay connected to my social network while I am away from my computer. I can update my status message on Facebook and send a quick email in just a few minutes, which allows me to respond quickly to any messages that come in. The Espionner smartphone Android app makes it easier than ever to browse the web using my Android device and to download and view maps wherever I go. I love this device and I am very happy that I purchased it.